Thursday, 11 August 2016

Enough Summer. Thank You! See You Next Year!

“A Heat Warning is issued when the humidex value is expected to reach 40 degrees C or more or when the temperature is expected to reach levels ranging from 29 degrees C to 40 degrees C  or greater depending on location.”

I guess in places like Cairo the temps would have to be higher.  I'm not sure because to me, hot is hot.  Anyway, this ‘location’ has had enough!  

I bought a chocolate bar at lunch today and it melted before I could get the wrapper off.  So, I stuffed the goo into my mouth anyway because, after all, it was chocolate, and mine.  It was no pleasure dodging traffic and gulping it down before the whole thing turned to liquid and ran down my shirt.

I don't get this love of heat.  Yes, if you camp, love those outdoor activities like swimming, golf and whatever else people do, but for me it's just a few months of sweaty commuters trying not to faint on the bus. 

In autumn and winter I can throw on an extra sweater but really, I can’t shed skin.  (Oh, as an aside, there are disgusting videos on YouTube of crabs molting if you’re interested.  This 'crab' wanted to put a photo of a shedding Crustacean in her post but I’m too hot to stay in front of the computer.)

It’s cooler in Paris and Nice so that’s really something I have to consider. Maybe I could get some sort of medical leave to go to cooler climes.  Yes, either would do just fine.
Hot temperatures aren't new to Montréal.  Every summer we have a hot spell and near "record breaking temperatures".  The only difference is now we have blogs and can complain to a wider audience.

September is around the corner and I'm looking forward to colorful leaves, cool air, getting back to art work and blogging.  But for now, I guess I'm just going to shower, have a very cold beer, shower, have something to eat, shower, watch some TV, shower, brush my teeth, and maybe have a shower.

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