Sunday, 15 November 2015

With Love to Paris

With the terrible events that took place in Paris on Friday, November 13th, there is very little I can add to the thousands of memorials and words of sympathy pouring in to France from every corner of the world.

Montréal has a special bond with France, not only in language, but in spirit. Our sympathy is genuine.  Our grief, sincere.
Anne Hidalgo (Mayor of Paris) and I know each other and talk all the time. We have 100,000 French from France working and studying here. We have historical links. When they suffer, we suffer. We understand them. We know how they feel," he said.  "In these days of mourning we have to show that Montreal is Paris," he continued.
Montréal Mayor Coderre to CBC

Outside the French Embassy, Montréal
We'll return to Paris soon.  Nothing would keep us from returning to our favourite city, especially not this sort of attack. 

To all our friends in France, our hearts and thoughts are with you. À la prochaine.

He who contemplates the depths of Paris is seized with vertigo.  Nothing is more fantastic.  Nothing is more tragic. Nothing is more sublime.
Victor Hugo

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