Monday, 1 June 2015

Computing Error! Oh Oh!

Brain to mouth!  Brain to mouth!  Error!  Error!  Not computing!!!!!

My latest "blip" happened when at the optometrist -

"Do you have any Victor Hugo frames?" I asked looking serious and somewhat snotty.

No response.

OK! OK! There was a mirror on the table with "HUGO" printed on the front in big letters and I like books, not suits.  HA HA HA.  I made myself laugh out loud.

Oh God.....she's mixing me up with the suit guy

I didn't get Victor's frames.  I chose a no-name style.  I'm NOT going through that  again in a few years.
Don't say it....I beg you.  Mais non!
I've never seen the Balmain glasses locally although I suppose they're out there.  Just as well, too close to 'Balzac' and once is funny, twice would be a bit disturbing!

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