Sunday, 31 May 2015

Voyage Graphique, New Prints by Allen Hessler

The last day of May, and the first day of Allen Hessler's exhibition of prints at Galerie Crystal Racine. Allen's vernissage made my day. His prints are amazing.  The inspiration for his latest series "Life's a Beach" comes from his visits to the seaside in France and he captures the moments perfectly.  (Just another reminder for me to hop a plane). 

From the artist's Exhibition Statement:

.....The suite of prints that I have created reflects the particularities of this special environment of Fort Mahon, on the coast of Picardie, the effect that it has on its inhabitants. The beach provides endless space, which can accommodate the hundreds and hundreds of people that flock to the seaside in search of the vastness and the invigorating climate........I have tried to make visible in my prints the mystical nature and beauty of this superb place.....

If you're in Montréal this week stop by the gallery and treat yourself to a visual vacation.

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