Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Inner Voices

Spring has sprung and you know what that does to me?  RIGHT! Time for another discussion with that little voice in my head.....

VOICE:  Go to Paris!  You're missing  great exhibitions!  The flowers are in bloom!  Harry's has a new cocktail...

ME:  Get a grip!  I was just there. That's plain crazy.

VOICE:  Crazy?  What if you get hit by a bus tomorrow and missed your chance?  What if the WORLD comes to an end and you didn't get there one last time!  That would be totally nuts!

ME:  Really?  You may have a point!  I wouldn't want to spend my last days typing for God's sake!

VOICE:  You only live once!  Paris is your town!  You get inspired by the city and really, you need inspiration if you want to paint.

ME:  You're right!  How can I be creative if I don't go to Paris?  But I have to work you know! Trips like that aren't free!

Then I wait for her to give me
the answer because she always
knows best but.........nothing!  
What a bitch.

If I was about to hop on a plane to France, here are some places I'd be checking out:

Grand Palais American Icons

Musée Carnavalet

Musée de Montmartre, Renoir Gardens

And....Shakespeare and Company for a good book, Harry's Bar for one of those wonderful cocktails, the Champs Elysées just to be sure it's still there, the Left Bank galleries on the rue de get the idea!  Just......everything!


  1. Sandy Anderson5/09/2015

    You forgot the Louis Vuitton Foundation the newly renovated and reopened Picasso Museum the Paris Zoological Park Parc Monceau Parc Montsouris Luxembourg Gardens -- oh and a whole bunch of other things; Come back come back.

  2. Exactly. So much to see! We'll never stop going to Paris!