Thursday, 23 April 2015

I'll Give You Something to Worry About!

Some days we get so fed up with worrying about the regular stuff.  Health, jobs, money, kids, even the world situation.   Most of us can't just turn off worry, so luckily we can get stressed out by something different if we really try.

Close your eyes and read this.  Oh that's not right.  Well, read on and imagine......

You're walking down the street, enjoying a beautiful spring day, maybe listening to your favorite music, when POOF!  Without any warning, you're a victim of Spontaneous Human Combustion!  All of a sudden, in a flash so to speak, you're no more than the butt crushed in the ashtray outside the Ritz. Well?  This is a pretty big worry as far as I'm concerned.

Not spontaneous combustion.  These's a big difference
Scientifically this isn't a likely to happen (so 'they' say), but if there's a chance of it, I think this is a topic worth our attention.  There are probably a lot of people who have never even heard of this - if they ever come across a SHC case, they'll have no idea what's going on.

According to a site I visited one theory is that methane built up in the intestines might ignite. Methane?  Intestines going on fire?  Huh? That sounds pretty bad.  (Worse, say, than not having bread in the house).

Anyway, try not to worry. There have only been 200 or so cases reported of people bursting into flames with no apparent cause. Guess that's not too many unless, of course, there are a lot of unreported cases (for obvious reasons). 

By the way, don't look up Google "Images" on the subject.  The photos are really really gross.  You're going to look aren't you?  Don't!

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