Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Just. Stop. It

I haven’t written a post in almost two months.  I just can’t seem to do anything – frozen brain.  Frozen arms, legs, face, hair, nails……..I’m so cold I just can’t think!

Aren’t we supposed to be suffering from global warming? Where?  When?  Apparently a massive cold front from Siberia is causing us to be miserable.  Why?  Why is Siberia blowing cold air all the way to Montreal and beyond?  What’s going on here?  It’s so cold, it doesn’t even snow! 

Every night we hear from the “meteorologist” that it’s going to be “cold or maybe warmer.  Maybe colder. If it does get warmer, we might get 5 cm. of snow.  Or maybe 15 cm. if it ends later than expected”.  

Not that I doubt the reliability of TV news (or any news for that matter), but can you become a meteorologist just by saying “now I’m a meteorologist”?  Is it an easy jump from ‘entertainment news’ to telling the public where the next hurricane is going to hit?   Huh?  I always thought it was a pretty tough subject to master -

·        pre/co-requisite knowledge in higher mathematics
·        advanced physics and chemistry
·        good computer proficiency. 

The basis requirement for becoming a Meteorologist is a BSc degree in Meteorology or Atmospheric Sciences.

Who knew?  These women with the pointers and maps behind them sure are smart.  They can’t predict weather to save their lives but they seem to have gotten their degrees in no time at all.

Yes I’m bitter.  Bitter and frost bitten.  We’ve had enough!  Just. Stop IT!!!!!!!