Saturday, 3 January 2015

Web Woes

Franz List Liszt
Before we get too far into the New Year, I just have to blow off a little steam because, quite frankly, I'm losing patience with all things "Internet".

First off, lists.  They're very popular because they "attract readers".  Have you noticed list mania?  Here's my annoying sample list of annoying lists:

  • 5 Science Based......You Can't Live Without
  • 12 Important.....You Must Know
  • 8 Travel Tips......Make Travel Better
  • 14 Celebrity.......Who Cares?

  •  Some of us can read a whole paragraph without having the sentences bulleted and from now on I refuse to read anything that comes in this form.

    (This reminds me of the Victor Borge routine - “It’s Fliszt, not F. Liszt. You don’t say M. Ozart?”.)

    The other thing that's driving me crazy are the ads smack in the middle of an article:

    Nonconformity and Freethinking Now Considered Mental Illnesses:

    Words words words words.....then, without any warning....

    "Are You color Blind?"

    Who me?  Is this part of the article?  Are freethinking and vision problems related somehow?  I don't understand.  Maybe I'm not color blind, just going insane because what I'm reading isn't making sense to me AT ALL.

    Dare I say it?  I never had this problem with real live books.  When reading Victor Hugo I didn't get

    “To a gargoyle on the ramparts of Notre Dame as Esmeralda rides off with Gringoire Quasimodo says. "Why was I not made of stone like thee?” If you book your Paris adventure now, you'll receive 150 extra points. Book before January 15.

    OK.  I've vented.  I feel better.  I'm going to read a book.  A real book. I'll try not to crab too much during the year....still, it's not one of my resolutions.........