Sunday, 2 November 2014

Dear Mr. Hawking, Your Help Please

Stephen Hawking has just started posting to Facebook which, I suppose, is good for us but maybe not so much for him. When will he have the time to think if he's busy looking at cute cats and chatting with his friends?

I'm sure he'll be following my blog seeing as I "liked" his page so maybe he'll give us the benefit of his superior brain power.

Dear Mr. Hawking,

I've been working on a complicated problem and am hoping you can come up with a solution. This will benefit not only me, but everyone I know.  Probably other people too.

Example: (And others can adjust the equation to their own numbers when you supply the answer). 

Let's say I have, oh, 20 years of quality reading time left before my attention turns to reruns of whatever serves as nostalgia in 2034. Maybe "The Big Bang Theory"....whatever. (You were excellent by the way - you missed your calling).


Let's also assume I read a book a week (which is being overly generous seeing as I haven't done this for years)....

That means I'll only be able to read another 1,040 books before time's up!  This is really creeping me out especially looking at the pile of books on my nightstand which are basically backlog.

In a nutshell, we all need more time.

Is there some sort of time/space continuum thing that we could act on?  Or maybe the calendar year should be 18 months.....or do I mean 8...... (although I'm sure you've already thought of that).

Anyway.....if you could give us some help on this and provide tips, all book lovers would be eternally grateful.  (Well, you'd know more about eternity than I do......I guess it's another time thing that needs explaining).

Thanking you in advance for sharing your superior brain power.

Yours sincerely,

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