Friday, 17 October 2014

What Not To Do During A Conference Call

This is the "Life" portion of Life, Laughter and Paris......

Not long ago there was a big meeting called at work.  A BIG meeting.  Those employees on location met in the boardroom.  The rest of us out-of-office people called in to listen.  Normally, "listeners" hit the 'mute' button on the phone to keep out background noise......

But there’s always someone who forgets

I know this has nothing to do with the topic.  So what? It's PARIS!

“I really want to hang up now but I don’t want them to know that it’s me leaving.
Do you think they’ll know it’s me?  Can they tell?  Will they hear a noise?
I don’t know how this damn thing works”

Now I didn't recognize the voice - he could have been anywhere in the world.  But….someone must have recognized him.

Call me paranoid, but I’d never say anything like this even if my phone was muted.  I just wouldn’t take the chance.  I’d stay at the meeting even if I was doing something else.  Which I wasn’t.  I’m just saying.

I'm just full of tips this week!

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