Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Back To Reality....Very Un-Paris

Not Reality

Sadly, Paris is now behind me and coming back to reality isn't pretty.  It's not vacation, it's not Camembert sandwiches, red wine or staying awake thinking about the fun I'm going to have tomorrow.  It's not museums, galleries, the Seine, cafés, or drinks with friends at Harry's.  It's not a lot of things.  (I'm not complaining mind you...oh, yes, I guess I am). 

Closer to Reality

The crash landing wasn't quite as difficult this year because I had a heck of a cold upon returning to Montréal.  No time to dwell on the beautiful, only time to keep blowing my nose and whining.  "I'm sick....poor me....a cold AND a cane....have you ever seen anyone suffer like this"?  Anyway, it's helped me to concentrate on something other than not being in Paris.  (But I'm starting to feel better so will be miserable soon if you follow me).

And with all the "suffering" I've been doing  I haven't had the energy to go through my photos and papers. Am I the only one who comes home with bags of what I like to call, 'ephemera'?  (Others would use a different word, but 'ephemera' makes this pile sound so legitimate don't you think)?  Brochures, magazines, business cards, gallery info, ticket stubs, receipts. Of course I won't be keeping all this.  It'll probably get tossed well before 2030 or so.

Anyway, the next best thing to being in Paris is to hold the memories close to the heart until the next visit.  I'm going to start going through that mountain of everything.....keep.....


  1. Merry MyCue Livingston10/15/2014

    I'm glad you had a wonderful time...what other kind of time could you have had! And I'm sorry you are ill. I know the feeling...hate it. But have a good evening. Bonne nuit.

  2. Merci Merry! It was just great. We made it to the Piaf Museum and I was thinking of you!

  3. Merry MyCue Livingston10/15/2014

    The apartment of Bernard M.? or another museum?

  4. The apartment. What a wonderful collection!

  5. Merry MyCue Livingston10/15/2014