Monday, 22 September 2014

Once Again, Monsieur Charles Aznavour

No need to give a fan review of the concert Aznavour gave in Montréal last week.  First of all, you know what I'd say.  Everyone who knows me in the slightest knows what I'd say.  Even people who don't know me know what I'd say.  And really, Aznavour doesn't need a review.  I'd have some nerve to even try.

Instead, I thought I'd give you a little sample of why I really have trouble with some people.  Really.....

Many years ago I had bought tickets to an Aznavour concert at Place des Arts.  The best seats a row or two from the stage. I had gone to buy them the minute they went on sale and it was worth it. Well, turned out hubby couldn't go so I invited a friend.  Gave her the ticket.....on me.....I just knew she'd be in heaven because she told me how much she loves his songs.  Guess what she said after the show.  Go on.....guess.

"He hit a few flat notes".

Well, let's just say I've spent more time in the same room with Aznavour during the last 10 years than with her.  A lot more. (And there were no flat notes!  Hear me?  NO.....FLAT...NOTES).

Why would anyone say something like that?  About a person's hero.......and that's why I like animals better than people.

Aznavour has always had a soft spot for Montréal and Montréal for Aznavour.  He was performing here at the beginning of his career and continues to share his remarkable talent to the delight of Montréal fans. (Who incidentally went wild during his two hour non-stop performance full of energy and life....but I'm not doing a review). 

Aznavour in Montréal in 1962.  We hadn't met yet.

Aznavour will always bring the heart of Paris to me when I can't be there, and I'll be waiting in line for his next concert.

M. Aznavour S.V.P.

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