Monday, 4 August 2014

Opinions Galore

Lunch hour conversations can be so entertaining.  Especially when you're eavesdropping (not on purpose naturally), and can just enjoy the blah blah blah flying back and forth.

"The Eavesdropper"Nicolaes Maes (1634-1693)
I wasn't as blatant as this...of course no one was
painting my picture (as far as I know)
This particular conversation I accidently overheard opened with comments about the gym (“the very best in the entire universe except for that trainer Arnold who’s such an asshole”).  This naturally led to deep discussions on politics, the best “secret” wine and then onto how “the woman next door should really sell her house….. well, because.” 

“Of course Scotland should be an independent country.  Why not?  I’m sure they’d do very well.  If California can do it…….no?......oh I thought they did.  Well, I haven’t been for a few years”.

“My friend makes the best Bordeaux wine you’ve ever tasted.  The BEST.  It’s blue.  Have you ever heard of that?  She sold me a carton and it was gone in no time.  I guess that’s the only problem….it evaporates. Although now that I think of it, it could be something to do with our air conditioning….it happens to us a lot”.

“Don’t talk to me about fossil fuels.  Of course they should be eliminated.  Everyone knows that.  The archaeologists must be having fits losing all that material.”

 "The Eavesdropper"
Nicholaes Maes (1634-1693)

“Anyway, I understand that the world will be totally out of food by the year 2016.  Or was it 3016?  Well whatever…..the point is we’ll have no food!  Think of it!  We should start stockpiling canned goods for our great great great grandchildren”!

…."They shouldn't have put that building there….."

…."The buses should be another colour...."

“And the woman next door!  Why does she need such a big house?!  She can’t afford it and she rattles around the place like I don’t know what.  No, I've never spoken with her.  She’s such a snob she won’t let me set foot in the place.  But I know for a fact she could live in Thailand for the rest of her life without any worries”.

Well you get the gist.

Now I'm wondering about this Nicolaes Maes.  He seems to have done an awful lot of paintings of people eavesdropping.  Maybe it was a popular hobby in the 17th century.  In my opinion, he should have done other things.  He was in a rut.  A nice still life perhaps.  Yes.....if only he had had someone to chat with over his lunch break I'm sure his name would be better known today.

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