Monday, 7 April 2014

The Amazing Ross Sisters and Family

I don’t often brag about our showbiz relations, but there is talent in the family.  Well, it could be family…..I haven’t checked out that branch yet.

Just take a look at the Ross Sisters.  Are they fabulous or what?  Living pretzels!  I could do that if I wanted to.   So could my sister.  I guess it would seem kind of weird in the office though.  They normally frown upon this sort of thing.

The sisters were named Betsy Ann Ross, Veda Victoria (Vicky) Ross, and Dixie Jewel Ross, who used the stage names Aggie Ross, Maggie Ross, and Elmira Ross respectively.  Aggie, Maggie and Elmira.  I can see why they changed their names…..Betsy, Veda and Dixie doesn’t have that theatrical flair.

You should try this....

According to a note I found at home, my brother thought “Betsy” would be a good name for me.  Of course he was 7 when he wrote it and I was just born.  Can you imagine going through life as “Betsy Ross”?  Maybe the “flag” Betsy Ross could stand on her stomach too but never had her picture painted that way. 

I don't think Betsy Ross' Granddaughter was
as flexible as the rest of us.  But, I could be wrong.

I must get back to working on the family tree.  I still have to check on Katharine Ross, Marion Ross, Shirley Ross, Bob Ross (the painter in the family before me), and Diana Ross (another name my brother thought would be good).  Maybe we’re all just one big happy family.  

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  1. I sure hope you tried to bend like at pretzel at the office. I am sure it wouldn't be frowned upon but considered a great excuse not to work for a bit.

    As for the name change...hmmmm not so sure any of the stage names were a step up form the original. Dixie to Elmira...coin toss really.

    I know you might not believe this but in my youth, I could do stunts like that. I mastered a perfect back bend that would launch into a back flip. Yeah, I was a dork but every time I have a back ache today, I blame it on the contortionist tendencies of my youth. Perhaps I am related to the Ross sisters...although there is no evidence of any Ross' in the family tree that I am aware of. Sadly, I haven't investigated very thoroughly for fear of what I might find. The relatives that I know seem so strange that I think knowing who might be responsible for them, might just be too shocking.