Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Feeling A Little Quasimodo-ish?

With the crappy weather we’ve been having, the lack of sun and all, people seem to feel a tad on the dull side. Snow would almost be better (almost). Waking up to these in-between, dreary, nothing sort of days is beginning to wear thin.

I know you’re thinking “well, it’s probably just HER” - but no…….I’ve even asked people “Hey – you feeling good today?” Mostly they just ignore me or give me “the look”.

"How ya doin' fella?".
The Look
"Great day to be inside huh?"
The Look

It's almost too much to even hope for a response.  Numb.  That's what people are feeling.....just numb, and possibly dumb.

"Had a bad day?"
The Look

I just know come May 1st we'll all wake up, signs of intelligence will appear in our eyes, and we'll possibly be able to think up a good response to "good morning".  Our lethargic states will suddenly disappear and we'll...

I'm too tired.   I'll finish this in May.  Or when the sun comes out.  Whichever comes first.

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