Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Down With Gluten!

There is no gluten in our house…..we’re totally opposed to it. We are anti-gluten, and proud of it. Even the cat food has no gluten (so it says on the can - we haven't tested it)!

Anti-gluten protest.  Year unknown. 

I didn’t realize how creepy gluten is until I started seeing all the GLUTEN FREE diets popping up all over the place.  The grocery store must think pretty highly of this because they charge twice as much for anything with gluten removed.  (Sort of like Diet Coke used to be - less calories, higher price).

Travelling a problem?  NO!  Even the airlines are getting in on this!

Wow!  I wonder if they'll fling it at you like they do with the pretzels. 

They should at least have a fence!

Our main concern is what to eat in France.  Luckily there are a lot of restaurants in Paris that are gluten free.Pastries, baguettes and all those fabulous things come without the dreaded gluten! 

A few ideas -

Restaurant et épicerie sans gluten

It says it all in the name.  You would think it would be Nonglu, but I guess they know best. We are absolutely going there!

16, passage des Panoramas – 75002 Paris - tél. : 01 40 26 41 24

Helmut Newcake
A few steps from the Canal St. Martin. These people really know how to remove gluten without losing the good stuff!

36, rue Bichat Paris (75010)
MÉTRO : Goncourt & République
tél: 09 82 59 00 39

Thank you, My Deer
No, they don't serve deer.  They serve delicious looking things all "sans gluten".  YAY!

112, rue Saint Maur
75011 Paris, France 

I'm hoping these restaurants have wine.  We're gluten-free but we're not crazy.

We'll be checking out these restaurants on our next visit.  I can hardly wait!

For more ideas on gluten-free Paris, check out David Lebovitz's site - he's the best!


  1. HHMMM...Do you really have a sensitivity to gluten? If you do, I feel for you. I am horribly allergic to wine...all alcohol actually but I can eat things with wheat flour, no problem.

  2. My husband can't eat gluten so I'm suffering along with him :) Allergic to wine? Oh that would be a problem especially in Paris!