Sunday, 19 January 2014

Real Life Versus Hollywood Villains

While watching Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid the other night, I got to these notorious people were all ugly as....some ugly thing.  Surely robbing and killing people would be bad for the complexion.  Wrinkles and all......but....

The real Butch wasn't bad looking at all.  He had rather a nice face.  Friendly.  He wore a hat and suit very well.  I don't know if he rode a bike as well as Paul Newman, but I guess it wasn't a job qualification - he had a horse.

Same goes for the
Sundance Kid and Etta. Very elegant robbers.  Of course they didn't have wardrobe people brushing them off every five seconds, but I think they looked grand.

Surely it can't be the same for all villains can it?  So I checked out Bonnie and Clyde -

Same deal.  Clyde had a bit of an ear thing going on, but Bonnie was really pretty.  As a matter of fact, she looked more delicate than Faye Dunaway. 

I'm going to have to watch more of these films.  Oh I know, crime doesn't pay.  After all, they all ended up getting caught and came to a bad end.  An early eternal end that's for sure.  Still, the moral of these stories would come off better if the real life criminals weren't sooooooo good lookin'

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