Monday, 16 December 2013

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

It's arrived!  Snow snow snow SNOW!  Isn't it great?  Ho ho ho.......just what we want this time of year.

If only life were like this.....
Remember how in "White Christmas" Bing, Danny, Rosemary and the other one were so looking forward to snow in Vermont?  Huh?  Remember that?

"I wash my hair in snow.........."
They sang their little hearts out in anticipation.  Read their lips.....SNOW!

We're all thrilled - except for those cleaning the streets, and those having their cars towed away for the aforementioned street cleaning.

 We get a front row view from our balcony.  It's not that I like to watch other people's misery, but, well, it's part of winter isn't it?

It was like a night at the movies watching snow removal. Traffic backed up, people getting out of their cars to argue with the truck drivers (guess who won), and just a real old fashioned mess. What fun!

Irving Berlin never mentions this in any of his songs.   "I'm Dreaming of Finding My Car" just doesn't cut it.

Still, it's pretty.  We're used to it.  And what would Christmas be without SNOW, SNOW ....SNOW..... SNOW..... SNOW!


  1. I remember having my car towed in your fair city. Quite an expensive meal that one

  2. Having your car disappear sure can put an abrupt end to a good evening. An expensive "moving" parking spot!

  3. I love theory...not quite so much in reality. It is pretty though and more so if I don't have to go outdoors. Looks like we will be having a white Christmas here in Kansas City. That is extremely rare. If I don't talk to you before Christmas arrives, Happy Holidays, Susan!!!