Friday, 13 September 2013


Papyrophobia:  A pathological, irrational fear of paper


I just discovered several absolutely gorgeous notebooks tucked away in my 'stuff'. I LOVE these. Paper paper paper - I can't resist.

It has a clasp and everything! 

I bought a few in Patis, I mean Paris (you'd think that would be a natural autocorrect!), thinking they'd be perfect for "best everything in France" lists. Others I bought just because the covers are beautiful and I was sure they'd inspire me to sketch, or at the very least, note my ideas for paintings and writing. You know, like Victor Hugo, Picasso and those guys.

This is sort of what I have in mind except neater.
Not sure who did this but it's pretty good.

But..... my notebooks remain blank. I have tons of crappy little scraps of paper jammed in my purse and littering my desk, but here's the thing - the notebooks are too nice and I don't want to mess them up. How crazy is that? I'm afraid that the sketches will be lousy, and I'll smudge the ink when I continue to use the iPod which, let's face it, isn't exactly artistic.  It does, however, correct my spelling (most of the time), and is pretty consistent once the font is chosen.

Yet another confession. I have a beautiful Caran d'Ache pen that I'm also afraid to use. What if I lose it? What if I break the nib?

This is really crazy behavior and I'm going to change. Betcha Balzac didn't worry about blobs or ruining paper. The artists working on illuminated manuscripts didn't have a fear of messing up. So I'm going to turn over a new leaf (pardon the pun). As a matter of fact, maybe I'll drop some ink on the first page of my favourite notebook, and make a spelling mistake in the first line, just to get over this. Or better still, I'll save my favourite and start with my second favourite......

I don't really have Papyrophobia.  It's not like I run away when I see a sheet of white bond.......

Some days I really worry about me.

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  1. AHHHH..Susan, I don't think you are alone in this "not wanting to mess up a nice clean notebook". While I tend to buy cheap journals that are "nothing to write home about". (sorry) even then...they remain blank in favor of little scraps of paper...or napkins...or the backs of receipts. All of which I will lose before I retrieve the information I took the time to jot down. (BTW...your notebooks is so pretty...I would never in a million years use it.)

    I blame some of this on my left-handedness. The spines of anything bound fights with a left handed writer. Back in the days of going to school, I used stenographer notebooks. Because they are bound at the top, a left handed person is free to write without a hump under their wrist.

    Most days I really worry about me.