Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Flush If You're Flush

There are some people that have too much money. That, my friends, is just a plain fact. Nice homes? Sure. Cars? OK. Designer clothes - go for 'em if you can. BUT....I was reading about a $5,700 toilet and that's where I see money being, well, flushed.

The toilet includes automatic flushing (which is soooo 2009), bidet spray, music and fragrance release, and is controlled by an app. Are you kidding me? An APP!!!!!

But that's not the funny part. According to BBC news, there's a "flaw" and any phone with the app could activate any of the toilets. HA HA HA! I'd say that's a major problem. Imagine shelling out $5,700 on a toilet only to have the kid up the street change your classical to rock and your orchid scent to God knows what....well you've been ripped off, no doubt about it.

Hey Beaver....let's go goof on the neighbours.  Got your iPhone?
And what about visitors? Do they have to download the app if they need to use your washroom? Do you have to lend them your phone?

Sounds like a lot of trouble to me. Even if I win the lottery, I'll stick to regular fixtures thank you. Well, maybe a few sparkles here and there, but nothing that I have to call Microsoft for plumbing.


  1. I think a good rule of thumb is "just because you can afford it, doesn't mean you NEED it." I would rather not have to worry about other people hacking into my bathroom experience.

  2. Exactly! There are some things I just don't want to go viral!