Monday, 18 March 2013

Google Maps Is Good for What Ails You

I've been AWOL for a while.  Under the weather.  Cold - cough - fever.  The usual.  There's nothing to do when you're sick except browse the web, check Facebook and see what the healthy people are doing.  Oh yes.....and look up diseases to make sure a cold is just a cold.  I also caught up on all the news of the world and yuck.  I'm moving.  This place is for the dogs (sorry dogs - it's just an expression).

After reading on Facebook what everyone was having for lunch, I turned to Paris for comfort. Not through my own photos which would mean actually getting up and lifting things.  No, Google Maps is made for sickies!

I know this isn't new.  It's just that I had forgotten how great it is to toot around Paris streets, turn corners, visit shops I love.....all with a runny nose and without leaving the couch!

Not only that, but the weather is nicer.  Google didn't take shots of Paris in the muck.  No!  They waited for spring and flowers and people smiling!

You can even go INTO the Musée d'Orsay.  What could be better?  OK - no one told me about this and truly, SOMEONE SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME!

This is the best!

Then I thought why not pop over to Nice for a few minutes?  A few palm trees should make me feel better.

Now I have way too much to do and a zillion things to see.  If the cold lasts for another few days, that's fine.  I'm busy.


  1. Gr8 post-hope u feel better soon-have u found new digs?
    Xo sheila

  2. Hope you are feeling better. That is pretty fun looking around a city via the computer. Not as fun as being there but...still better than nothing.

    I have taken a few of the video tours on Google Earth. Pretty interesting technology. When I have been really bored I get on Google Earth and look at all the houses I lived in. I like to see if some of my old neighborhoods are now Walmart or Target. Seems that most of them haven't changed all that much,

    Get better and I will hope you get some nice sunny warm weather. That makes things feel nicer.

  3. It's a sad state of affairs when I have to visit Paris on the net! Still, like you say, we take what we can get! I looked at our house too - our car is parked outside! What a kick!