Monday, 14 January 2013

Things I Can Do Without Getting Up

On the one hand, this is fantastic -

Buy books
Read magazines
Read newspapers
Watch movies
Watch TV
Shop (for anything)
Talk to friends
See friends (except I wouldn’t want them to see me loafing)
Get mail
Play games
Book a vacation
Apply for a job
Get medical advice
See what’s happening around the Eiffel Tower
Take a tour of Buckingham Palace
Paint a picture
Do a crossword
Do a jigsaw
Write a book
Visit a library
Visit a museum….

On the other hand,  is it any wonder we’re not getting enough rest?

Look at what we’re doing!  Our brains are not shutting down at bedtime.  On the other hand (that's three), there's stuff happening......

For instance, I can watch whoever is hanging around 5th and 48th.  (You have to check this out - it's so cool - 5th Avenue Cam).  What if they do something really worth watching?  What if I could witness (I was going to say a murder but that might keep me awake)……a good deed!  That would be worth staying up for.

Or, I could get a diploma in my P.J.'s.  I could become a lawyer, say, and write my own will.  Think of all the money I could save.  Wills, fix my own parking tickets (of course I’d have to learn to drive first).  No, maybe not a lawyer.  Maybe a doctor.  The kind that doesn’t actually have to see people.  Maybe a Doctor of Music.  Hey!  That sounds good.  SRD, D.Mus.  See?  All this is NOT relaxing!

No point in getting a degree.  Anyone can make one in 5 minutes

Anyhoo…..I’ve decided that I really don’t feel like doing all this stuff so I’m going to leave my iPod on the kitchen table at night.  I’m going to pick up a real book, with real paper and read until I fall asleep and have real non HD, dreams.  I might even dream in black and white.  I’ll see how it goes.

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