Saturday, 26 January 2013

Memory Blank - Lincoln, The Movie

We HAVE to see "Lincoln".  "Lincoln" is up for 12 Academy Awards!   My friends have seen "Lincoln" and they loved "Lincoln".  I'm so tired today, a movie would be just the thing.   Let's go see "Lincoln".  I hear the performances are wonderful in "Lincoln".

And so off we went to see "Lincoln".

There were a lot of people in line for tickets. The obnoxious woman behind me was yelling at each person as they got to the head of the line "GO"....."GO".....she obviously had to get her popcorn or didn't want to miss the ads......

So I got to the ticket booth -

"Two please"

And that's when my heart sank because I knew what the next words I would hear would be -

"What movie"?

I drew a blank.  I had no idea.  Desperately I looked up at the marquee and there were a dozen films showing in the theater.  I couldn't see....."LINCOLN" because I was starting to panic and couldn't really focus on any words.  I looked around as if someone was going to give me a hint........and the gum chewing ticket girl had no idea what to say to me.  I know what she was thinking......

He would have understood.....he got tired too

Anyway,  my brain did finally kick in and I got the tickets.  The obnoxious woman that was behind me was long gone into the theater. 

I'm not going back there.  Ever.

PS  If I remember correctly, I enjoyed the film.  


  1. I hate when that happens. With me it's always a person's name. Granted this was a dead, famous person...but was still a person's name.

    Not long ago...I went to write a check out to my hairdresser. This stylist has been doing my hair for a couple of years. On the line "pay to the order of" I went blank...totally blank. Thank God his license to do hair was up on the wall. I would have died (literally) if I would have had to ask him his name.

  2. Thank you thank you Cheryl. It's not just me!! Even if it was Lincoln. And your hairdresser episode is the reason I don't write card or cash. Sometimes I forget the date......oh what the hell.....this isn't new for me. I've never had a very good memory. Makes life interesting doesn't it!?!