Tuesday, 18 December 2012

T'was The Week Before Christmas

And all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
'Cause some lousy louse.....

Well I can't think of anything to rhyme.  But someone gave me their germs!

Late Last Week...

As always this time of year, someone who shouldn't have been allowed out passed their germs to me and now I'm sitting in a medical clinic waiting to see a doctor. I don't have an appointment of course as I was perfectly healthy two days ago!  I should have booked an appointment six months ago as a "just in case". My throat looks like a landscape from Lord of the Rings. Red and angry and ready to host any battle Sauron could whip up. (By the way, if you know nothing about Lord of the Rings, the story has nothing to do with sore throats).

Anyway, here I sit with a roomful of other germy people, all trying not to inhale. I have my scarf up over my nose even though the room is well heated, but I don't dare remove my 'filter'. Wait, wait, wait. 

Oh God I'm bored. I'm bored and sick. And I'm typing this out on my little little keyboard because what else can I do sitting here for hours and hours?

Tomorrow night is our office Christmas party which I arranged. Looks like my coworkers will be enjoying a fancy meal in a French restaurant without me and hubby.

My name is finally called. I move faster than a speeding bullet because if they don't see you IMMEDIATELY, you go to the bottom of the list. (I would never risk going to the bathroom no matter how long I wait).

Post Visit

Would you take drugs from this man?
That's what I thought too but they turned out not half bad!

I am now extremely pleased with our medical system. Maybe I had to wait to see the doctor, but I did waltz in unannounced. She did all the usual stuff, did a strep test on my throat and, drum roll please, the results were positive. Yes! Instead of wasting an afternoon of rest time and being given some wimpy drug like Tylenol for a cold, I walked out of there with penicillin and a contagious infection. Ha!

Isn't it great when you feel really lousy and you can prove it? If anyone implies I only have a cold, I can whip out my bottle of pills and give them fair warning- 

"Strep! Be afraid. Be very very afraid my friend". That oughta increase my personal space by a few feet.

It's now five days later and I'm up for the first time.  Yes, I missed the Christmas party.  Yes I'm behind in my work and yes, I'm behind in my Christmas preps.  But at least going to the clinic wasn't a waste of time.  I know it's a warped way of thinking.......but there has to be some consolation for being sick this time of year!

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