Friday, 30 November 2012

It's Like Banging Your Head Against A Brick Wall

Definition (banging one's head on a brick wall that is)
  • trying to achieve something impossible
  • to keep asking someone to do something which they never do

I find it's really really REALLY hard to get good service these days. I find this especially frustrating at work.

Me: “Will you deliver as promised? With all the attachments?  If you aren't going to send it, please tell me.”

Them: “It will absolutely be there! Don’t worry.  Leave it in our hands”!

Where’s the nearest brick wall? I know what's coming!  Or more to the point, I know what's not coming.  They can't fool me!

Me to myself: I will (bang) get (bang) the equipment promised (bang) even if it means (bang) my head (bang) will be totally (bang) bashed in.

Later, as expected:

Me: “It arrived but no attachments”.

Them: “Oh, you wanted attachments? Well, they’re not in stock”.

Bang bang bang.

Me: “But it’s no good to anyone without the attachments and I promised the employee he’d have it by tomorrow”.

Them: “Oh sure. He’ll have it by tomorrow. We’ll send the items by messenger”.

Bang bang bang.

Of course “tomorrow” isn’t really “tomorrow”.  We all know thatThis person I'm dealing with will probably be transferred to some small country in Eastern Europe later in the day, or their plant will get hit by moon rocks, or or or.....

Never mind. Bang bang bang. I’m going to enjoy the weekend and give my head a rest. You know the old joke – it feels so good when you stop!

Have a good weekend!

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