Saturday, 17 November 2012

Acronyms for Paris

We're using more and more acronyms these days. Not just picking them out on a keyboard, but in speech. Recently I heard someone say “LOL”. He wasn't “LOLing” or I would have heard him LOL and seen it in his face.

The acronyms are tricky too. “LOL” could be laugh out loud, lots of love, lots of luck or lots of laughs.  Maybe more....I'm not always in the "LOOP" (loop).

So, just to avoid any misunderstandings I'm putting together a list acronyms I'll be using on the blog -

CaBreak....not to be confused with....

Creme Brulée (although you could have a CB when you're taking a CaB)

Meet Me Au CHamps Elysées

You Bet Your Boots!

See? That's a whole conversation in itself.


The ever handy:

Alors Merde!

Pardon Monsieur/Madame! (Which you almost always have to say after hearing AM).

And then 

Obviously means  Fouquet's.   No matter how often I hear FU, I can picture the beautiful red awning and me on the Champs Elysées.  Ahhhh Paris.

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