Thursday, 25 October 2012

Paris for Health

Dear Insurance Company,

I certainly appreciate the benefits program you provide and your  concern for my overall health.  I receive your bulletins and yes, I wash my hands often!  I also sneeze into the crook of my arm just like you recommend.

Knowing how much money it saves everyone if we take preventative measures, I am submitting a proposal for your approval.  This will certainly benefit my overall well-being and keep me healthy and off pills.  I don't have a referral from my doctor at the moment but I'm sure I can buy get one off to you soon.

  • Air tickets to Paris - business class please because I get motion sickness.  I'll pay for my own Gravol.
  • Hotel for a month - a good one to avoid contact with dirt
  • Cash for food (quality, nourishing food of course - especially red wine).
  • Chauffeur (to avoid germs on the Métro)

This, I'm sure, would save you a great deal of money especially if I go nuts (and that's where I'm heading) and you have to put me on disability for the rest of my working life.

Your consideration of the above would be greatly appreciated.  You have my direct deposit information so I'll be watching for the payment.

Thanking you in advance.


I already feel better! 


  1. I love your proposal. This is genius that you would have your insurance company not only keep you healthy and germ free but park you in a country that would provide some government funded healthcare. I think Blue Cross Blue Shield could save a bundle if they have France start taking care of us. It might be a bit of a drain on France but that isn't our problem is it?

    1. I didn't even think about the free medical coverage. Well done! And you're right - how they work it out is not our problem. We can't do the thinking for the whole world!!