Thursday, 18 October 2012

Now What!

Coming home from work recently, I saw a little dog walking by himself on a busy street with major traffic whizzing by. He was tiny enough to fit in a purse! Naturally I stopped to find out what was going on with the little guy. But this isn’t about the little dog. (It turned out fine by the way – his owner, a really really stupid person, was in a shop and told me her dog is a “free soul” so he goes where he wants. What a freak).

Who wouldn't stop for him?

But, there was an elderly man with a white beard and beaded hat also watching the dog and once the dog was safe, we got to talking. After we had thoroughly ripped apart the dog’s owner, he asked me if I believed in the paranormal.

Turned out the man was 90 years old. He told me all about the visions he had and the visitors who gave him messages. We walked along talking about his experiences and then all of a sudden, he broke into a RUN and left me standing there. What kind of behavior is that? I had questions! I wanted to know how come he looked like an elf!

That’s the last time I stop for an old man no matter who magically appeared in his kitchen. I’ll still stop for little dogs though.

So, what happened to you on the way home?

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