Sunday, 8 July 2012

Travelling With The Professional Photographer

Champs Élysées.  I'm holding our stuff.
 I'll keep it simple.

I have a lot of photos of Joe taking photos.  Lots and lots. Because in case you don't know, there's very little to do while waiting for a photo to be taken.  Very
very little...

I'm not complaining mind you......there are pros and cons of travelling with the professional.

Pro:Great shots of some of the places we visit.
Con:  No vacation "snaps".   It isn't going to happen.

Place de la Concorde.  I'm holding our stuff.

Pro:   You get to stop a lot and enjoy the scenery.
Con:  You have to stop a lot and look at the scenery.

Pro:   You don't have to carry a big camera.
Con:  You have to carry everything but the camera.

Musée Montparnasse.  I'm holding our stuff.

Pro:  You get a lot of nice shots of the photographer (with your phone or iPod)
Con:  You have a lot of nice professional shots of foreign leaves.

Tuileries.  I'm holding our stuff.

It's not that Joe doesn't try to take photos of me.  I just can't seem to get the goofy look off my face when I'm posing.  So, sometimes I take my own picture to pass the time.  Often, I even manage to get my whole head in the shot. 

I put our stuff down.  Almost my whole head in the shot!  Yay me!

ANYWAY.....all this to say I have some great shots of Joe and will have to put them all in order some day.

All the waiting is worth it because we have FABULOUS shots of our travels.

Rue Bonaparte.  I'm holding our stuff.

Parc Monceau.  Guess what I'm doing.....

À bientôt


  1. Ha! Loved this post. You two are such a power team! ;)

  2. So you were an integral part of every single photo. Without you, it wouldn't have been the same.

  3. Fly in the Web7/09/2012

    As a holder of stuff....I concur.
    Great shots...

  4. This was hilarious, Susan. I really enjoyed it...fabulous professional shots and candid personal ones. I like both kinds! No Vs for Victory.  ;-)

  5.  Thank you Ami.  That's what I think too.  It's important to have someone standing around holding the stuff :)

  6.  Ah you know what it's like then.  I'm glad I'm not the only one!

  7.  Thanks Brenda!  No Vs but I was tempted several times :)