Friday, 13 July 2012

Notes to Self.....Seriously

I've been doing some work on the family tree.  This has been an on-again off-again hobby since I was in my teens.  I guess it's the "reality show" version of the jigsaw puzzle.  Dates, places, poking through old records.  Of course I never met most of these people, but it's odd to think if they hadn't done whatever it was they did, I wouldn't be here.  Weird.'s a photo of my Great Great Grandmother and my Great Grandmother.  You see what can come back to haunt you?!! can't haunt them.  If anything, they could haunt us.

Saturday Morning

1)  Tear up all bad photos of self - especially on bad hair days.

2)  Confirm dental appointment. 

3)  Google "gene pools" before panic sets in.

To be fair, they didn't always look like this.  It was probably a Saturday morning.  They had just been shopping.......didn't think they'd meet anyone they knew.....oh...that's me.

Saturday Night

Then my Great Grandmother had a shower, washed and fixed her hair, and got ready to be seen. 


History repeats itself, and that's one of the things that's wrong with history.
Clarence Darrow 

Have a good weekend!

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