Sunday, 13 May 2012

Spring has Sprung

Montréal in the spring, Paris in the spring.  Both beautiful so I won't be crabbing this week about not being in Paris.  Well, I  can't guarantee the whole week.  But not today.  Maybe not tomorrow because I'll be busy.  OK.  Let's say, I won't crab until Thursday.  

The trees in Montréal are masses of pink, and the lilacs will be fully in bloom in a day or two.  Lilacs are my very favourite.  I wanted them for my wedding bouquet but we couldn't get them at that time of year (April).  If we ever renew our vows, it'll be at lilac time.  Of course if we renew our vows, it'll be in Paris and I won't care if I have firewood for a bouquet.  Ooops.....Paris griping was sneaking in there. Boy! This is harder than I thought!  I have to concentrate on other things.....let's see....other things.......ok..........oh oh.....I don't think I know other things.  (Panic setting in)!  Sure I to clean the kitchen, general stuff......ah forget it.  Who needs the pressure?  

Hope your week starts out well :)

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