Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Mini-Vacation, March in Montreal

Like so many other places right now, Montreal is enjoying an unusual hot spell.  HOT.....and it's only March. Seemed like a good time to take a mini vacation and check out a few things in the city before all the festivals begin.

First on the agenda was a visit to The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.  The current exhibition is Lyonel Feininger:  from Manhattan to the Baauhaus. This retrospective was organized by the Whitney Museum in New York in partnership with the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.  Feininger, an American artist who spent most of his life in Germany,  had his work condemned by the Third Reich as "degenerate art".  He returned to the US and in 1944 and MOMA gave him a major retrospective.  The work is absolutely gorgeous.

Feininger illustration
I only knew a few pieces by this artist so most of the work was new to me.  (Now I'm a huge fan). I didn't realize that early on in his career, he worked for the Chicago Tribune illustrating Kin-der-Kids comics and Wee Willie Winkie (1906 - 1907). I wish I had one of these pages! The exhibition runs to May 13.

A little gem by Feininger
Next we took a run down to Old Montreal.It's beginning to look like summer!  People out sitting on the terraces having a glass of wine, strolling around the Old Port and visiting the galleries.  

No snow!  

We spent some time at the Point-à-Callière, which is the Montreal Museum of Archaeology and History.  It's a huge museum built over the old section of the city, so it houses the archaeological remains "in situ" which makes it all the more interesting.  There is a wonderful multi media show providing you with a short history of the city which is an excellent start to the visit.  You couldn't possibly look at every item in one visit so we'll be going again soon.

The birds are actually projections

A little history
I still have a few days of exploring the city before getting back to work.  I have to say, this is a fun way to spend a few March afternoons.  Good for the head, good for the soul.


  1. A mini vacation at home hmm? Never heard of Feininger but like the examples you have highlighted.

  2. Stella Papadopoulos3/22/2012

    Oh what a lovely blog post! I will make a trip to the museum-very fine work "Feininger" has! Lets enjoy the Montreal summer prelude with an artist date!

  3. Hi Stella - yes, you must see the exhibition. It's really wonderful. I look forward to meeting you!

  4. The mini vacation at home is working well. I highly recommend it. No work, no stress, just a bit of fun. I hope to do it more often :)