Monday, 20 February 2012

Pooch Plunder

I don’t normally think about cemeteries unless the cemetery in question is in or near Paris…..then it’s a different story., And this time, it’s about a zoological necropolis. (yes, I’ve been browsing the dictionary again).

Le Cimetière des chiens in Asnieres-sur-Seine was founded in 1899 after a law was passed controlling how animals were to be buried (i.e. not tossed in the Seine). It’s said to be the oldest pet cemetery in the world. Like Père Lachaise for humans, this is “the” cemetery for our animal friends. Rin Tin Tin is there for one and the pets of Alexandre Dumas and actor Sacha Guitry.I wonder if Asta is there? Anyway, although it’s named “dog cemetery” it’s a misnomer as there are many types of animals buried in this cemetery including a lion.

Rin Tin Tin

The big news this month is the plundering of the grave holding Tipsy the poodle and his diamond collar worth 9,000 Euros. The burial of the diamonds was considered to be an urban myth but apparently it was true. I thought grave robbing went out in the times of Charles Dickens and Edgar Allen Poe but maybe I’m just not reading the right papers. (I’m not counting archeological sites of course – seems they have this sort of problem on a regular basis).

Police have launched an investigation into the vandalism and jewel robbery. Tipsy's elderly owner, whose identity has not been revealed, confirmed her pet had been buried wearing his diamonds. "She is devastated. This has been very traumatic for her," a police spokesman told the newspaper Le Parisien.

You know what? I’m sure she is heartbroken. Tipsy was tossed aside during the robbery. Even if you’re not a pet person, you have to admit that’s pretty mean.

The mayor of Asnieres-sur-Seine was quick to point out that there isn’t treasure buried with all the pets. I hope any wannabe robbers believe him.

Oh, and by the way, I couldn’t find out what the sentence would be in France, but in ancient Egypt, the penalty for breaking into a royal tomb was impalement. All things considered, I think that’s reasonable.

Note to Edward: Thanks for pointing out this story. Now I have to add Asnieres-sur-Seine to my "to visit" list.


  1. Wow! I'm really not sure what the greatest crime is here - robbing a beloved pet's grave, or squandering 9,000 Euros worth of diamonds on a pet's burial. As much as I feel sorry for the lady, the practical side of me can't help but consider all the beneficial ways that money could have been better spent.

  2. I odd story isn't it! Funny we're both talking doggies this week :)

  3. GailDStorey2/26/2012

    I've come to count on you to "unearth" the quirky things I'd never hear about otherwise, and you never let me down!

  4. :) I have to confess, I had a tip on this one! But for us, the quirkier the better!