Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The "F" Word

F” stands for February and there's nothing funny about that!   It's the only month that's mispronounced too.  Who cares?  It's a rotten month full of freezing temperatures and flu.

No matter how you look at it, this is a miserable time of year. Actually, I’d say it comes in around 12th place. We don’t even have a holiday this month (or next come to think of it).

To start the day off right, I got stopped by a police officer outside the metro station this morning.

“Do you have the time?” she asked.

I pulled my iPod out of my pocket to check the hour and what do I get for my kindness?  She snatched my pod out of my hand! Fiddlesticks, fudge and February. I fell for it. The police are out in full force today trying to make people aware of the felonies going on in the metro and she was demonstrating what not to do. OK. Good idea…..a little late for me having been robbed last month….but good. Of course I wouldn’t have pulled my iPod out for just anyone…..still, I get the point. Keep it hidden at all times.  Now if anyone asks me for the time, I’ll just tell them “fffffffffffffffour o’clock”.

And by the way, in case you hadn't noticed it's leap year so we have an extra day this February.  Too bad they couldn't have extended June....but there you go. No one asked me.


  1. You and the daughter of anarchy really seem to have it in for poor old FebRuary winter clothes lists plumeting temperatures and deaths.Did you give the cop a blast on your killer whistle or was that at teh bottom of your handbag?

  2. fly in the web2/16/2012

    The following thing on Blogger hasn't worked, so I've only just caught up on your posts....this one really made me laugh! It encapsulates all the horrors of the F month...

  3. Ha ha ha! Wouldn't that have been a good one if I blasted her with the whistle! You'd be writing to me in jail :)

  4. Glad you agree! Never mind, "F" month will be over soon :)

  5. The cop grabbed your iPod? F' that.....

  6. I know....this whole month is just one big "F"