Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Staples in Life

There are two staples in life as far as I’m concerned -

Peanut Butter and Camembert.

No wait…I meant three…...wine....oh yes....and bread.

Kraft is my preferred brand.

As it turns out, they’ll soon all be approximately the same price. I read that the cost of peanut butter is going to rise 35-40% due to poor peanut crops last year. This may sound strange, but I never even thought of peanuts as growing. Peanut bushes? Peanut trees? All I know is that if it hadn’t been for peanuts I would have died of starvation a long time ago. I also like peanut brittle, peanut butter cups, peanut butter cookies, peanut sauce (on Chinese dumplings) and peanuts themselves. So….will I pay more for peanut butter? Yes. If that’s what it costs, that’s what it costs. Even with a hefty hike, it’s still cheaper than most things in life (and apparently full of protein although I’ve never seen any in the jars I bought).

When in Paris, Camembert is my equivalent to peanut butter. (Mon Dieu)! It's about $10.00 here for a small chunk of that delicious cheese, but in France it's a staple. Camembert and a baguette. Oh yes, and wine. Wine and cheese are pretty inexpensive in France so don't roll your eyes and tell me I'm being extravagant!

Bread varies in price. With enough peanut butter, Camembert and wine, you won’t taste the bread anyway so here's where you can save a few cents!

By the way, you can make your own peanut butter. Please note I say "you", not "me" :)


  1. My daughter was home from Europe for Christmas and brought her German boyfriend with her. I quickly realized I had waisted my money stocking up on breakfast cereal and waffles as my daughter's tastes had clearly changed. Breads and cheeses (with a bit of fruit) is all they desired, and was certainly easy enough to prepare!

  2. LOL. When I come home from Europe, the first thing I want is cereal and waffles! Peanut butter, bacon and eggs..... Guess your daughter has really taken to the European way of life!