Friday, 13 January 2012

I'm Over It!

It’s been a week since my iPod was ripped off. Swiped right out of my hands while I was using it… I’m developing a safety plan for public transport.

Do you think taking photos of everyone is a bit much? 

My new rule in the metro station is to study all the faces of people on the platform (memorize them) before deciding where to wait for the train. The only problem with this is I think I’m scaring people. Yesterday I chose to sit beside the biggest man carrying a laptop case who looked like he could catch a thief if need be. This seemed right but what do you know - he moved. What? Did he think I was a nut? The question doesn’t really need an answer because I KNOW he thought I was a nut. I couldn’t very well move to where he was standing or he really would have been afraid. So I stared down other people. Guess what? No one came near me.

This is all well and good but I can’t go on being the weird lady of the subway.

I’m sure this will all work out.

My other rule is carry a safety whistle. The thing is, I’m not a screamer. Anyone can steal anything from me and I’ll just say “hey – you just stole my….”. What good is that? So this is what I’ve selected:

The same recognizable whistle used by sports referees worldwide, the Fox 40 is the loudest rescue whistle available. Specified by the DOD, and found in U.S. military survival kits. The signal easily attains 115 decibels, produced by 3 tuned air chambers that produce slightly different frequencies. This causes a complex sound phenomenon called a "beat" or "trill" giving the human listener more auditory cue to perceive and locate the source of the whistle in a rescue situation. The pealess air chambers clear instantly of water or saliva when blown, so it can be used even when submerged.

(I’m not sure what “pealess” means but apparently it’s not a typo).

Anyway, this whistle looks amazing. I can even spit in it and it'll still work! Can you imagine anyone stealing from a person who is going to hit 115 decibels in no time! I think not! I’ll wear it around my neck, visible, so they know who they’re dealing with.

The only problem with this is, I'll still be the weird lady on the metro.

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