Sunday, 8 January 2012

I Was Robbed!! Happy New Year

Isn't there a theory that if you write about something, you can forget about it? Maybe I just made it up......


Metro Station, downtown Montreal, rush hour, business district. A woman (let's say it's me) is sitting waiting for the Metro to arrive. She is playing a game on her iPod Touch (let's say Bookworm), when two thugs (do people use that word anymore?) grab the iPod from her hand and run up the escalators before she (me) can react to what's happened. I just watched them, stunned.

Then I got ticked.   Little  $@@#%s. I wasn't happy!

I reported this to the woman in the Metro booth (not that she could do anything, I just wanted to spread the cheer), and she told me to report this to the police (not that they can do anything, but I guess it's good for statistics).

Now my adrenalin was kicking in and I was furious. What kind of people (and I use this word against my better judgement) do this? What kind of lowlife steal something right out of someone's hands and think this is OK behavior ? Do their mothers know what they do for a living? Do these scummy thieves have friends?

Pro: I bought a new iPod
Con: It's the same as the old one.

Pro: There was no violence
Con: If I had a weapon on me there would have been plenty of violence.

Pro: I had the "locate/wipe" feature installed so I could remotely erase all the information on the pod.
Con: I don't trust the "locate/wipe" feature installed so I have to change all my passwords. I'm not paranoid, but I tested the "locate" part of this feature on my new pod and it didn't work consistently. Well so.

Pro: I can't think of any more.
Con: Its 48 hours later and I'm still really pissed about this. I'm out over $250 to replace the iPod, hours and hours to put all the info into the new one, and I was robbed. This is a crappy way to start the New Year and I hope the two guys that STOLE my iPod develop....well something bad.

On the other hand, it was only an iPod. Big whoop. These guys must really need the money, I just can't do it. They're still little @$#%s in my book.

Artist rendition of suspect.  Not actual photo. If you do see
this person, you're probably in our living room because
it's Joe posing.  Do not report to police!

So, if you see these guys, let me know. I can describe one of them.  His head was covered. He was running. Very fast. And he had my iPod in his thieving hands.


  1. I hope the theory works.Only time has worked for me and even now 20 years later when I hear of it happening to friends I get pissed off.Then again I wasn't writing back then only testostrone fuelled.

  2. Susan, that was a really funny piece, although I'm sure you're not laughing:( Seriously, that would soooo piss me off, too. The little $@@#%s have a miserable life, I'm sure. Loved the photo of the suspect!!

  3. Thanks Merry! Joe is a good sport to pose for a mug shot :)

  4. I'm sorry it happened to you! When the event is so fresh, we forget it happens to other people every day. Isn't that awful!!! Now that I've written about it, I'm going to let it go.....more or less.....maybe