Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Here Comes 2012!

As 2011 comes to a close, I'm making plans plans plans for the New Year.  2012 is a much rounder, friendlier number so I'm optimistic that this will be a better year (I'm also a bit superstitious so I hope I'm not cursing myself by putting this in writing).

First off, Paris.  My sweet Paris is always with me even when I'm not there so it will be foremost in my mind. 

I often get a very clear mental picture of a particular thing in Paris. I don't mean big monuments like the Eiffel or the Arc, I mean small details like the curve of a chair leg or the bumpy texture of a plaster wall. I can visualize the cobblestones under my shoes, the shine of the copper on the bar in the neighborhood cafe, and the cold wrought iron gate leading into the park. I can see posters with curled up edges on the wall of the pâtisserie, see the eyes of a dog sitting in a cafe, quiet...enjoying the sun.

I have no photos for these moments. They're etched in my memory, hopefully for a very long time. I can draw on them when I need a quick Paris fix. Sometimes they just creep up on me when I'm not expecting them. Luckily we can keep memories with us, tucked inside our heads. No batteries required.

So, there's no chance I will forget my favourite city while waiting for the next trip.

With this in mind, it's time to get back to my art work. A medical glitch more or less knocked the inspiration out of me for the last couple of years but its time to get creative again and aim for an exhibition in the fall. Joe and I often exhibit together and although we work in different media, our pieces go well together.

Then, there's the French lessons which will start up again mid-January. Hopefully I'll have retained some of the grammar and vocabulary I learned before taking a few months off. I love the language and if anyone deserves to speak French, it's me. I've been trying off and on most of my adult life so surely the language chunk of my brain will eventually give in and let me be fluent!

Last but not least, I'll carry on with Life, Laughter and Paris. I truly enjoy writing the posts and the whole process has made me more aware of what's happening worldwide. Us bloggers read more posts than we write and that can only be good.

So, Paris, art, language, writing and reading. Yup. That about sums up what I'll be concentrating on in the New Year. I think it's a good plan. Oh yes, I'll be laughing a lot too.

Wishing you the very very best year. 
Good health, happiness, and dreams come true!

Thanks so much for visiting my page. It's your friendship that makes blogging a pleasure!

Until 2012!


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  1. Susan,
    you write so beautifully. Thank you ! Hope we will keep in touch in 2012.Nous pourrions pratiquer ton français. I look forward to the fall exhibition (no pressure here :) ) Best wishes to you & Joe.

  2. Fly in the web12/28/2011

    I hope you achieve all your ambitions in 2012!
    I find language learning like beating your head against a wall....it goes on and on...and then you break through...at least into he next room!

    I'm having to learn Spanish from scratch...and I'm reading, reading, reading....just to be able to recognise words and meanings.

  3. Merci Josée! We'll keep in touch and I'll dazzle you with a few French phrases soon :) Keep well and best wishes for 2012!

  4. Both Spanish and French are pretty tricky. I hope you're right about the break through because it seems these lessons could go on forever! Good luck with the Spanish - hope you'll let me know how it's going. Best wishes for a happy, healthy and bilingual 2012!

  5. I also wish You and Joe all the best in the coming year and look foreward to your continuing stories.

  6. Wishing you all the best in 2012! Health, happiness and pots of money would be good too :)

  7. Those sound like wonderful plans. May 2012 bring everything you wish for! Happy New Year, Susan. I look forward to blogging together in the new year.

  8. Well glad to hear you're going to to get back to some real work, rather than the mudane day job and keep posting too.We will of course be a regular visitor.

  9. Thanks Kara. I look forward to reading your posts in 2012. All the best in 2012.

  10. Yes - time to stop loafing and get busy :) Keep up the great posts and funny links you always manage to find!