Wednesday, 23 November 2011

First Snowfall of the Season

This morning Montréal woke up to snow!  The first sign of winter this season. A few inches that came down in great big fluffy white flakes.

This would be a better photo if I knew how to turn
the flash off on my camera. 

We had put our Christmas lights up on the deck before the cold weather arrived and I swore I wouldn't turn them on until December but.....who could resist a quick preview?

Note to self - that little tree in the back needs light too!

The great thing about today's snowfall is we don't even have to shovel it.   The temperature is supposed to soar by the weekend, the snow will melt, and we'll be back to autumn.  It's always good to ease into winter because every year, Canadians are always surprised when it arrives.  There's a mad rush to buy winter boots, and get the snow tires on the car.  Are we in denial?  Do we think global warming will finally arrive in the city?

Well here's the scoop.  It's coming!  Get ready!  Maybe not this week, but soon.  And for those of you who expect the weather to change - it won't.  Winter is coming again next year and the year after.  (Oh, I hope so.  Touch wood and all that).

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  1. Looks wonderful but please keep it your side of the pond until just before christmas please.
    What little tree it looks to me like an avenue of trees.

  2. OK. Will send the white over on Christmas Eve. (Oh if only life was like that)!

  3. The first snowfall is always wonderful in it's beauty. Of course, by March the charm has long wore off - but that first snowfall is magical.

  4. Will send the white over on Christmas Eve!

  5. How true! Seems some time after the New Year the novelty wears off :)

  6. The white has arrived on the tops of the moors.I am still safe on hte beach.

  7. White on the moors? Now that sounds like a good song title! Glad to hear the beach is still snow-free!

  8. White on the moors? That sounds like a good song title! Glad to hear the beach is still snow free :)