Friday, 28 October 2011

Why Me?

Tonight, on my way home from the office, a woman in a nice shiny red car stopped in the middle of the street and yelled out her window to me -

"Do you speak English?"

"Sure" I replied in my best can I help you voice.

She motioned to me to come closer so she wouldn't have to yell over the traffic.

Like an idiot, I walked over to her so I could be of assistance.

Next, this woman in the shiny red car, with her coiffed hair and perfect make-up says to me -

"I know this sounds funny seeing as I'm in a car and all, but could you spare any change?"

Not "could you change a bill for me" or could you help me find money for a meter or whatever, but could you just GIVE me money.

Here I was WALKING to the METRO, my make-up all smudged from running around work all day, tired, and this woman driving around downtown Montreal asks me to just GIVE her cash!

Don't get me wrong.  I'd never pass someone on the street who's in need if I can help out.  But really, I think the least she could have done was get her butt off the seat, get out of the car, and not wave me in so she could sit comfortably while I had the privilege of handing over whatever money I had.

At least in Paris they use a good scam. Or they steal your wallet.  But they don't sit in their Mercedes and expect you to make your way over to them in traffic to hand over your Euros.

Some nerve.  And did I give her money?  NO!  Bet you thought I did.  Well I didn't.  As it happens, I didn't have any on me.  But I wouldn't have given her anything anyway.

You can tell me.  Is it me?


  1. Sounds like a Just for Laughs gag.

  2. How utterly strange. I definitely would not have given her any money either.
    A very perplexing situation to be confronted with.
    Peggy xxxxx