Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Personal Holiday Schedule

Summer – Almost done
Labour Day – Done
Next up – Autumn and Thanksgiving on October 10 (Columbus Day USA)

That’s if you don’t count Grandparents Day September 11. (Grandparents Day began in Canada in 1995 with motion number 273 submitted in the House of Commons. And here I was thinking they were discussing, oh, I don't know, taxes, world peace and stuff).

Oh, I almost forgot, September 16 is UN International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. This one wasn’t marked in my agenda when I bought it but I’m inking it in now so I won’t forget.

October 16 is National Boss' Day. This one was entered on my agenda when I bought it and I think the stationery companies are in cahoots with management.

I don’t agree with a lot of the "official" occasions so I’m starting my own holiday schedule. Feel free to use it if you like, and substitute as necessary.

Jan 6
International I Love My Pet Day. Dogs, cats, birds, snakes…whatever. I’m giving Buster major treats that day. Might even take him to a movie.

Feb 6
Fix Your Hair Day. Everyone has time off to have their hair done. It’s February, we all feel blah and need a boost. You can substitute manicure and change it to Fix Your Nails Day if you’d prefer.

March 6
Closet Cleaning Day. This time everyone has the whole day off because we know how long it takes to clean a closet.

April 6
Get ready for Spring Day and Goodbye Winter. It’s up to you. Wardrobe, house, garden…..your choice as long as you remember to sing “April Showers” at 2:00 PM.

Then I skip to September because from May on, we have a lot of holidays and vacations.

September 6
People Without Kids Day. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents Day, Family Day……what about me?  I lose out on a Hallmark moment and I don't see a substitution.  Get with the program Hallmark! You have "Happy Birthday from the Dog" cards so I'm sure you could think up something nice for me.

October 6
Take a Breather Day. Whole day off.

November 6
St. Susan Day (obviously you won't want to celebrate this one unless your name is Susan, Suzanne, Susanna or the like). St. Susan, the patron saint and guardian of innocence, doesn’t seem to have her own special day (which is totally unfair). If you want, you can substitute your own name here and we’ll celebrate together. I think there is a saint for almost every Christian name – (oh, I get it)! If not, you can change your name.

I’ll leave December because again, we have the best holidays that month.

You notice they’re all on the 6th. I won’t be forgetting any of my holidays!

Today should be a holiday. It's Joe's birthday! Happy Birthday sweetie!

BTW again
Cahoots – what a great word!


  1. Anonymous9/08/2011

    Oct 16- National Boss Day!!!!!- Oh yeah, i'm taking that day off so the Boss can actually work!- Wanda

  2. i like October 6