Friday, 23 September 2011

Autumn And Agatha

The first day of autumn has arrived and my brain has automatically shifted to ‘cool weather mode’ as if it was programmed that way. It’s weird, but everything that was summer fun yesterday looks a bit worn out today. Autumn does that to me. I can’t get my sweaters out fast enough and as for summer clothing, ptooey! I’ve been sick of them for 6 weeks now.

Every single year at this time I get the urge to curl up with an Agatha Christie novel. Agatha is my cool weather read. I’ve read all her books except for ‘Poirot’s Last Case’, and ‘Miss Marple's Final Cases’, which I’m saving for my last case (if you know what I mean). I love Christie’s books. Cups of tea, sherry before dinner, silverware, roaring fires, and all that’s civilized – except for the murder of course. Yes, another visit to 56B Whitehaven Mansions or St. Mary Mead is in order.

Sherlock Holmes is another great read but he’s more for November. (221B Baker St. – isn’t it great we have all their addresses)!

The only problem with all this is the cool air isn’t so cool yet. We’re heading into the end of September, the air conditioners are out of the windows, but it’s hot out. Hot I tell you! This isn’t what we’re used to and we don’t like it. OK, maybe some of you like it, but you can put that on your blog!

I hope we have a nice few months of beautiful leaves and soft cool air before winter sets in. I’m keen for winter too – but not yet.


  1. Nice reflections here, Susan, happy autumn and happy reading!

  2. Thanks Sheila. Hope your autumn is a good one too!

  3. Beautiful! Impressive!