Wednesday, 10 August 2011


As I stuck my head under the water this morning, I got to thinking (and it was way too early to think about anything really) –
I wash my hair almost every day. So,
Over 10 years that’s 3,650 washings
Over 20 years that’s 7,300 shampoos
Over 30 years that’s 10,950 times I've done the same boring thing

Imagine if I live to say, 80, and continue my daily routine, that would be 29,200 hair washings. Even if I skip 200 days, that’s a lot of shampoo!  It's a wonder I have any hair left at all with all the scrubbing going on.  Which reminds me….

My bathroom is full of shampoo bottles because they keep advertising how I’ll have healthy, shiny and fabulous hair if I buy the newest brand. If the ad is really good, I’ll have to invest in the product just in case the claims are true. So far, this hasn’t worked out.

Don’t buy a brand of shampoo because:
  • It smells like your favorite fruit or candy
  • It has a bottle that would look great on your bathroom counter
  • The girl in the ad has the whitest teeth you’ve ever seen
  • It comes from a foreign country
  • Your favorite singer/actress uses it (so they say!)
  • It says “organic” on the label
  • It’s expensive
  • It claims your hair will grow faster

When I was a kid, I remember my hair being washed with Breck. I loved this shampoo because the girls in the ads had the softest hair I could imagine. I had no idea that if the images were done in oil paint instead of pastels, they’d look totally different. Do they still make Breck? I’ll have to check. Maybe I need a bottle. Maybe it’s still good. Maybe my hair did look better when I was trying to be a “Breck Girl”.

There’s no lack of “best shampoo” sites. I’ve checked out a lot of the lists and they’re all different. What does that mean? Number of sites x number of recommendations = more shampoo than my 29,200 washings will need! Think I’ll use up what shampoo I have, and wait for the 2012 ads to come out!

And one of the only shampoo quotes I could find, from M.A.S.H.:

Hawkeye:  Tell our first couple what else they've won....
BJ:   This bar of soap...from those who'll be working closely with you in O. R. Please use at least once a week.
Hawkeye: (Taking a bottle of shampoo out of the box): Shampoo.
BJ:   Because we couldn't find any real poo.


  1. LOL - WOW. That's some serious shower philosophy going on !

  2. Absolutely! Have to be serious once in a while :)

  3. I know there are lots of people who wash their hair daily,but isn't it a bit to drastic? I mean, if your hair is dyed, the colour will be lost quickly and the hair will become dry...I wash my hair every 3 or 4 days because it is very dry and frequent washing is making it even dryer.

  4. Hi Rosabell. Yes, daily washing of hair is not a good thing but a hard habit to break :)

  5. Wow! Truly an eye-opener!!

  6. Wonderful! Nice post!

  7. You did all that math in your head while it was wet?

  8. Sure! Water is good for the brain!