Thursday, 30 June 2011

Sounds of the City

You know how you’ll hear a car going by with music BLARING loud, and, of course, the windows open so everyone can hear? The driver is normally playing something with a very heavy bass just to get your ear drums vibrating and your teeth rattling. Well, this morning while I was waiting for the bus in our new neighborhood, a little white car with an incredible sound system pulled up to the curb. A bit of Punk? Hardcore Metal? No. EDITH PIAF!


Edith would have loved this. She could really belt out a song but even Edith didn’t have lungs that could carry over several city blocks!

Actually, I thought maybe the knob had come off the car CD player, but no, this woman was really enjoying herself.

This confirmed my suspicion – we moved to the right place!  In any case, it sure started my day on a good note!


  1. I would give anything to have that happen here, where I live! No such luck, though. All I would here is La Bamba! Doesn't quite evoke the same feeling. Ah, Piaf! Soooo good...

  2. Hi Merry. Hearing Piaf like that sure was a surprise! Do you drive? Maybe you could start a trend at home!