Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Last Hurdle

We're almost there!  Almost time to move on from this house to the next and I can hardly wait.  Actually, I'm desperate to get on with it!  If I could physically move the current tenants out of our new place I would!  Go! Go! Go!  Now?  Are you ready yet?  When? Now?

It's been very interesting living here this last year (to say the least) and amazing what a difference a year makes.  A few highlights:

A new landlord came on the scene and decided to do renovations beginning with ripping all the bricks off the building as a starter.  Well, that was weird.

The inside of the house was covered with red dust and the floors began sagging more and more daily.  Hmmmm.  Uninvited exercise.  Me no like.

I always thought windows
were pretty well pemanent!

Most recently, we had a bit of a wind in Montréal. Not a tornado....not a major storm.....a wind......yet one of the windows blew right out!  Did you get this?  A window.....BLEW.... RIGHT....OUT!  Huh?  I don't see anyone else's windows flying through the air like they were on the way to Oz.

Now, because the weather is getting a BIT warmer, we're inundated with ants.  Ants all over the kitchen. We're on the second floor!  How do these little buggers get in here?

Our lovely flowers are now a pile of rubble, the lawn is gone, and quite honestly, it's embarrassing to live here.  If we had friends over (which we don't because we'd be mortified), they'd leave money at the door or send us packages to help us out.

I'm counting the days (17 max).  You may think I'm obsessed with this, and you'd be right. There is a very sweet street lady that sits outside my office building and I chat with her quite often.  Last week she asked me if we had moved yet.  I didn't even realize that I had mentioned this to her.  I can't believe I actually bothered her with my stupid problems but obviously I've been ranting about this more than I realized!

Ah spring!  Time for the grass
and hedges to beautify the
I've been packing, hauling, sorting, shifting for almost a year now and last week my back had enough.  All of a sudden I could hardly walk without a searing pain running up my spine.  I don't care!  WE HAVE TO GET OUTTA HERE!  I'll use a cane.  I'll crawl.  I'll do anything to just LEAVE!

Whew.  It's great to vent.

The sad part of this is that people used to come to our house and say how beautiful it was.  There were no uphill/downhill slopes to the floors, no bugs, no drippy faucets, no war torn landscape....and we loved the place.  Isn't it odd what a difference a year makes!?!

ANYWAY.....I'm so keen to go I can taste it.  The new place has to be painted before we move in which will be done at the end of this month.  I was thinking of doing a "before" and "after" thingy just for fun.  Too bad I didn't do it here!  


  1. I'm excited for you, Susan. I love "new" anything, especially a new home! Can't wait to see it:))

  2. Thanks Merry! I'm so glad we're moving before I totally lose it! Will take some photos once we're in.

  3. I always felt you had the capacity to rant and rave you must have enjoyed doing this piece. Good luck with the move perhaps you can count your remaining Eifels and see how many you gather in the new place.

  4. What a weird feeling that must be, that place falling apart around you! Your new home sounds much more suited to your ebullient spirit--will look forward to hearing about it and seeing photos on your blog.

  5. Ed. LOL! Yes, let's just see HOW serious I was about getting rid of those little suckers. I'm glad most of them are gone or the ants might think we're providing a little mini hotel service.

    Gail. This has been like living through a bad movie. Let's hope the ending is the Hollywood version "and they all lived happily ever after" and not a French ending of "then the roof fell in and they all died. Merci and please get out of le theatre".

  6. After spending a weekend moving my kids out of their apartments and into new ones, I was reminded of just how much I hate moving days! But once it's said and done, I'm sure you'll be very glad to be in your new place.

  7. Hi Kara. You moved more than one apartment! Yikes! Moving days are no fun that's for sure!