Saturday, 16 April 2011

Nosing Into Other People's Stuff

Whew, whew, whew and boy am I beat!  So many weeks of worry and no sleep have finally caught up to me. But, we've found a place to live!  Hurray! We won't be sitting on the curb with all our furniture come June! No dogs sniffing our boxes, no cars running over our suitcases. We have a place to move into!  I can laugh again!

This has been quite an education. I now know every apartment building in downtown Montréal - the rent, the size, the locations and who lives where.  We've seen apartments the size of shoe boxes, and places configured where you have to walk sideways like a crab.  Old places, new places, fabulous places and dumps.

The whole process was more difficult than I thought and I admit, we had to change some of our game plan.  We managed to get most features on our checklist, but had to trade some must haves for things we hadn't thought of. Overall, everything is working out well.  We didn't find an apartment, but we found the upper floor of a lovely old duplex on a tree lined street, 20 minutes from downtown.

Kitchen experiments coming up!
One thing I didn't care about was a renovated kitchen but now we'll have one. I can see trouble ahead.  Cookbooks, kitchen gadgets, and experiments gone bad.  Hmmm. Maybe not. Does a kitchen make a good library?

Miss Nosy Boots

The worst part about looking for a
place to live is visiting apartments where people are living, and trying not to look at their things. It's like going through someone's purse.  As soon as I crossed the threshold of several places I knew instantly they weren't for us, but what to do?  To be polite, I'd take a quick look at the size of the rooms trying not to notice dirty dishes and things people wouldn't normally show to strangers, but really all I wanted to do was leave. Wouldn't it be insulting to have someone put one foot in the door and say "I'm not interested"? Of course that's probably why those people are moving too.

Soon it will be our turn.  People will start showing up here to possibly rent this place.  Oh oh.  I have dirty dishes in the sink!

Now that we've signed a lease I can relax a bit.  Packing is easy after that ordeal. Soon I'll be able to concentrate on decor, and Paris!  Life will get back to normal......soon.  I can hardly wait :)

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  1. I'm Glad you found an apartment you like. I'm not sure what I think of Montreal's July 1st Moving Day. The city was be a zoo with all the moving vans and occupied elevators.

  2. July 1 moving day is just crazy! I'm glad we can move in June and will (hopefully) beat the rush!

  3. As you know I have a bad habit of telling the truth.So I would probably have done what you said stuck my head round the door and said sorry not for me.God forbid anyone witnesses my bedroom at present.
    Reading the above comment dont tell Montreal has a moving day.Surely it's just a developer want out of the way before holiday's day.

  4. LOL. Montreal does have a moving day! I don't know how it happened, but July 1 everyone is switching apartments. It used to be May 1 but over the years it changed. (Yes, telling the truth is much easier - I wasted so much time)! :)

  5. I recall when I lived in Montreal and the moving day was May 1 - at least it was never too hot then but July 1 - must be a plot on behalf of PQ nationalists so that people who have to move don't get to honor CANADA DAY - get my drift?

  6. Ah a plot! I never thought of that :)