Friday, 1 April 2011

A Matter of Trust

Last night as I was on the escalator leaving the metro station, I looked up at the light fixture hanging overhead. A big, gi-normous wrought iron chandelier as wide as my house with light bulbs bigger than my head. Pretty heavy looking. As least as heavy as a car. Then, in my warped way, I wondered how they hung it up there in the first place, and who did it? I mean, I’m sure they were reliable workers, but still…. don't TVs and refrigerators stop working once in a while? Exactly. Yet I’m sure the appliance companies hire reliable workers too. Ergo……

I don’t normally think of this kind of thing -

I trust traffic will stop when the light turns red
Elevators won’t just drop from the top floor
The Eiffel Tower won’t fall over and
I'm safe in Harry's Bar.

But now, I’m starting to doubt things and I'm not talking only about safety……for instance……

I would never trust this store to choose my wardrobe. They seem to recommend bird’s nests as headwear. Is that the latest? No one told me I should have a spray of twigs on my head for the spring season. To tell you the truth, I have no trust in this fashion at all.

I don't trust any company with "Trust" in the name. I would trust them if they didn't already have it in mind that I don't trust them. 

Still, we can’t doubt everything or we’ll go mad.

Guess I’ll just stop looking up at that chandelier in the metro….if it falls, well, you heard it here first.  And yes, I still feel safe in Harry's. 

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