Monday, 21 March 2011

Original Thought? I Think Not.

It’s taken me a while but I’ve come to the realization that every single thought I have, every itty bitty idea, has already been thought of by someone else. Isn’t that weird? I doubt if I live to be 100 I could come up with one original brain wave.

If you Google “original thought” right now, you’ll find a zillion pages on this subject which I thought was my original thought on original thought. But no, there are pages and pages of people talking about original thought or lack thereof.

This must be a huge problem for freelance journalists. How do you compete with bloggers working for free covering EVERYTHING all the time? And not only bloggers, Tweeters get the message out in less than 140 characters. Facebookers have whole discussions on what’s happening right this very minute.

News stations seem to be giving up – or taking advantage of the free help situation depending on how you look at it.

It’s a free call to give us your updated traffic report”!

Send us your weather photos and we’ll show them on the air

Uh huh. Why pay for a traffic helicopter and photographers when all these amateurs can provide the stations with this information for free? I’ll tell you why – because the traffic reports are being given while someone is stuck in the traffic that no one has warned him about, and the photographs are crappy. Why not just ask people to stick their heads out the window and phone in the weather report?

It must be very difficult being original on the air. Basically, what I hear on the radio in the morning is taken from yesterday’s newspaper, and yesterday’s newspaper articles are from the internet news the day before.

I keep an idea list for blogging. Some blogs are written in advance and saved for an appropriate time to post. This is almost always a big mistake. Post ‘em while you have ‘em before someone else beats you to it! Doesn’t matter. They won’t be original anyway.
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  1. oh man. you should try getting a ph.d. everyday i think to myself, "wow! i'm a genius! no... wait... so-and-so already wrote that." only to be followed by another "woah! what a thought! ...wait, no..." it gets a little depressing after the fifty-millionth time. not only am i unoriginal, i'm stupid. :)

  2. Hi you. Feeling a bit down after your revalation.It hit me about 20 years ago when considering the building of Machu Pichu.Then I thought oh well maybe I cant come up with an original idea but atleast the musician's can,and turned up the volume on the Menhuin & Getz album I was listening to.

  3. I know just what you mean - recently I thought I'd do a post on funny fridge magnets. It would be humorous, personal, and original. Right? Wrong. Another blogger beat me to it. Then I discovered an hilarious video I wanted to share on my blog - until I realized it had been viewed 4,000,000 times already!

  4. Sara - I think you must be a genius going for a ph.d! I do feel for you though. Good luck with thinking thinking thinking!

  5. Ed - I didn't mean to depress you!! There will always be new ideas in music and art. Let's hope so anyway! The good side is, at least no one will be thinking up original BAD ideas :)

  6. Kara - Funny fridge magnets sounded good to me! I don't know what we'll do if other people keep blogging and writing and getting there first :)

  7. Anonymous7/16/2011

    I found this page by googling "original thought copter" (without the quotation marks). When I tried it with quotations, I found nothing. I tried several variants ("original thought-copter", "originalthoughtcopter" etc) I found nothing. I think the concept of an original thought copter is an original thought...

  8. Yup! Very original! Good going :)