Monday, 14 February 2011

Too Many Eiffels

It's no big secret that I can't get enough of Paris. I feed this because, well, I can't get enough of Paris. that we'll be moving soon, and I'm plowing through all my "stuff", what have I discovered?  I have WAY too many Eiffels which I have to de-collect!  How did this happen? 

Actually it started out as having one little Eiffel for my studio table. Oh yes, and an Eiffel charm on a chain which I wear a lot.....but then, word spread that I love the Eiffel Tower and that's when all hell broke lose and my one little souvenir turned into a ginormous collection. It's scary!

Eiffel cognac bottles -one red,one white, one blue. (Well, these are really nice so they're keepers).
Eiffel Avon bottle
Eiffel pencil sharpener
Eiffel clock
Eiffel made of metal
Eiffel made of glass
Eiffels in porcelain
Eiffels in copper in a variety of sizes
Eiffel t shirts
Eiffel books
Eiffel pocket mirror
Eiffel keychain
Eiffel stationery
Eiffel puzzles
Eiffel thermos
Eiffels made in China
Eiffels made in Japan
Eiffel eraser
Eiffel wall stencil
Eiffel ashtray
Eiffel teapot (keeper)
Eiffel salt and peppers
Eiffel Eiffel Eiffel!

Don't get me wrong. I truly appreciate all the Eiffel gifts over the years. Each and every tower was fabulous. I certainly don't want to appear ungrateful, but the time has come - it's either them or me and I vote for me. I'll keep, say, 5....or.....8, and none over 4 inches tall.

I had no idea that the towers were taking over. Some here, some there, tucked away in drawers and closets. Who knew they even made all these? Anyway, as hard as it is to part with anything Paris, the decision has been made. Now the question is where do they go?

Next on the list, I love my cat....can you see it coming? Cat stationery, cat ornaments, cat books......

I'm now spreading the word....I don't collect anything.....except wine. I always know someone who'll help me empty a bottle and re-gifting of wine is not frowned upon…..most people I know always welcome a bottle. Wonder how they’d feel about a bottle of wine with a little Eiffel Tower attached?


  1. Hiya! I noticed that you stopped by my blog and thought I would pay you a visit! That was so funny about all your eiffel towers... but please, you have to show a picture of your Eiffel Tower teapot... how does that work then?!!

  2. Hi Annie. Thanks for dropping by. I'll try to get a photo of the teapot on. Just have to wade through the others to find it :)

  3. I bet the glass Eiffel is very pretty though :-)

  4. It is very pretty! Another keeper. I don't think I'll do very well getting rid of these! Maybe just the eraser......and the puzzles....

  5. This is too funny! Now all you need is an Eiffel cat tower!

  6. Gail - LOL! Sort of like King Kong and the Empire State building! I wouldn't be surprised at all!