Friday, 25 February 2011

Finding The Perfect Apartment

No matter where you live the perfect apartment can be, well, quite frankly, a bitch to find.  We'll be moving mid June (hopefully), or by July 1 (definitely) and our search has started. Even if a listing looks perfect, there always seems to be something a little "off".

This week we visited a beautiful old building facing an absolutely gorgeous park, close to downtown Montréal. The park has tennis courts, streams, a pool, lots of mature trees, a greenhouse…..lovely. The apartment itself was renovated:

  • High ceilings
  • Fresh paint
  • Varnished hardwood floors
  • Fireplace
  • New appliances
  • Beautiful lighting
  • Cleaner than our house


a) The bedrooms were so tiny there wouldn’t be room for any extra air
b) The apartment is on the third floor of a walk-up (they call it the second floor just so you won't be discouraged before the viewing).

NO.  No No and NO!
Let's see - two flights of stairs per floor, at least ten stairs per flight – we’re looking at 60 stairs to get to our front door. Do I want to haul groceries and a laptop up there? No. I can just picture myself sitting across the street, on a park bench, staring up at our place wishing there was an easier way to get in. Go home or stay in the park......the park is pretty nice......

Packing is another thing......


I read that we should have a list of things that are important to us before searching. This is what we’re looking for:
  • Close to downtown
  • An elevator
  • Old building
  • High ceilings
  • Renovated kitchen and bathroom
  • Freshly painted
  • Varnished floors
  • Fireplace (faux or real - not essential but nice)
  • Two bedrooms (at least)
  • Space for us, our stuff and air
  • Affordable price

There are a lot of nice apartments fitting the above description (the elevator being the hardest thing to find) but the problem is, there are people living in them!


Then I got to thinking, what if we were looking for an apartment in Paris?  (I wouldn't be so picky because I'd be in Paris)!
  • At least one room
  • Floors and ceiling – doesn’t matter how high
  • Bathroom – yes
  • Kitchen – or not, whatever
  • No higher than a fifth floor walk up
I could definitely do stairs in Paris.


From what I understand, although I don't know anyone with an apartment in New York City, it can be difficult unless you have unlimited income.   This one might be nice - it has an elevator!  (An extreme example I know but I'd love to see it)!


Moving day in Montréal is July 1. Everyone in, everyone out (on the same day)! Tenants have to give 3 months notice so the ads for June rentals should start appearing in numbers next week.  (Please move....please move....).

I can’t wait. I want to picture our new place in my mind, and start arranging furniture on paper. I’m like a kid waiting for Christmas. Now? Now? 

I'll keep packing......

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  1. UGH, moving. That may be the top reason we're still in the same place after 23 years. I hate moving. Good luck on finding the perfect place! I'm sure it's out there just waiting for you!

  2. We are in moving crisis mode as well. We need to move and can't find a house we like. The added problem is we also can't decide between France and the UK. I wish you good luck too...I'm sure all will end well.

  3. Empty Nester - A very good reason for staying in the same place for 23 years! We've been here 12 years, and were living across the street for 14, this is really the first "clean up" we've done in a long time!

  4. Facing50 - Wow. I find it hard enough staying in the same city so I can't imagine trying to decide on a country (although if you want my vote, France)! Good luck - I'll be watching for your news!

  5. I've looked at so many homes to rent in villages around mine and not one has a decent kitchen (in my price range of course). All I want is a nice kitchen! Nothing grandiose, just counter space, cabinets, and decent lighting. So far no luck

  6. Hi Sara Louise - who knew it could be so difficult to find a good kitchen? Every home seems to have something wrong - good kitchen, no closets. Good closets, no kitchen. Hope you find the perfect place to fix some gourmet meals soon!

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